Marketplace Certification

Certification for the Cloud Commons Marketplace is now available. Here is how it works:

A. Self-Certification - If all components with your app are previously certified and unmodified or you are not using AppLogic, you can go through the certification checklist on your own, test your app and attest to its certification prior to publication in the Marketplace.

B. CC-Certification - If any of the components within own your AppLogic app either haven't been certified or have been modified after they were certified then the Cloud Commons team will certify your app prior to publication in the Marketplace. The process includes:

1. Developer registers as a vendor
2. Vendor uploads the tar file and corresponding documentation and a completed Certification Submission Form to a unique Dev Studio project
Note: If any individual file is over 1gig in size, please upload a small placeholder file with the same name.
3. Vendor clicks the "Request Certification" button above
Note: If you have any files over 1gig in size, note this in the submission email. The Cloud Commons team will send you SFTP credentials to upload these large files separately.
4. CC Team retrieves tar file and checks and certifies the app
5. Vendor follows email link to sign ISV agreement and set licensing options for the app
6. Vendor sets up the Marketplace listing for app
7. CC Team moves app to store and publishes item in marketplace, thus making it available for sale

Within the Developer Studio, you will find more details on how to work with AppLogic and package your application/appliance for certification. You will find an AppLogic project open to all as well as AppLogic Guides in the Help Center.
If you have any issue with certifying your application/appliance or publishing it to Marketplace, please contact the Cloud Commons Team at

If you would like to provide feedback on your Cloud Commons experience or suggest new features that would make your experience better, please click on the Contact Us option above.