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Welcome to Cloud Commons Dev Studio, where you can manage the lifecycle of your development project. Joining Dev Studio gives you access to information, tools and resources that can help bring cloud-based projects from concept to orders.

Create your project in the Work Bench ( a Forge derivative ) to help your team collaborate and manage key aspects of your project. You can:

• Manage tasks, documents, and file releases
• Create and control access to source code
• Participate in, and study surveys about best practices
• Track issues
• Access our Developer Forums and Wiki


The Grid Scheduler will help you reserve time on a CA AppLogic test grid where you can test your app. Check out our Forums and Wiki for more information and discussion on cloud-based development. Once you've completed your app, you can request certification, and become a vendor in the Cloud Commons Marketplace if you're not already. Once approved, selling your product in the Marketplace is the next step.


If you are new to CA AppLogic and want to learn more, see AppLogic Enablement Kit.   (requires Cloud Commons login)