Where is the line between virtualization and cloud?

If you had a virtualized environment with impressive P2V (physical-to-virtual) ratios on your servers, would you still consider moving to the cloud? In this 40 minute webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Research Inc. VP & Principal Analyst James Staten explains the difference between virtualization and cloud and where the line is between the two. Ryan Hughes, CEO of GIS marketplace provider Skygone Inc., joins James to discuss Skygone's...



This Week in Cloud - February 23, 2012

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Cloud News

  • CloudStore, the G-Cloud application procurement site, was launched by the UK government this week to give small businesses in the UK the ability to compete with larger IT companies for contracts with the public sector, according to this ZDNet article. The CloudStore launched with 257 companies that are offering services geared toward public-sector organizations.
  • The Apache Software Foundation has approved Red Hat's Deltacloud as a top-level project, according to this ComputerWorld article. Deltacloud can be used to interact with multiple cloud service providers through a set of APIs (application programming interfaces).
  • A new report from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) declares that a majority of the countries in Asia Pacific are not prepared to support cloud computing. This is primarily due to gaps in the legal and regulatory frameworks of those countries, according to this ZDNet article.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks is pulling a strategy from the cloud playbook. According to this GigaOM article, NSN is planning on using the cloud concept of 'fabric' to create a complex system of small LTE, HSPS, and Wi-Fi cells that act as a single cell to deliver inexpensive bandwidth with scaling capabilities.
  • Rackspace is acquiring SharePoint911, a provider of SharePoint training and consulting, according to this eWeek article. Rackspace acquired the company to bolster its SharePoint talent and expertise and increase its focus on providing managed SharePoint infrastructure.
  • EMC and VMware have partnered with Atos, a French IT service company, in order to create a European cloud infrastructure provider called Canopy, according to this ITWorld article.
  • Microsoft is expanding its data center in Dublin, Ireland, by adding 13.2 megawatts of capacity, according to this Data Center Knowledge article. In response to the growth of Azure, Bing, Hotmail, and other online services, Microsoft will invest $130 million in the expansion of the data center.

Feature article

IT: Where Great Ideas Go to Die

By George Watt, CA Technologies


"BYOD isn't coming, it's here"- @SimonBramfitt via @thelaurenfiles

Recently I participated in a great Twitter conversation regarding how IT departments have gained a reputation as a place where good ideas go to die. Initially there were several volleys about how IT departments have become known as the "Office of the C-I-No". Whether these are perceptions or reality does not matter. (They're often real.) What was interesting was that our conversation quickly morphed into a discussion of consumer driven IT (CDIT) and "bring your own device" (BYOD) -- the latest trends that are both challenging IT organizations and, unfortunately, adding fuel to those negative perceptions.

And then it happened… Read the full article.

Cloud Views

  • Does an organization need a cultural change in order to take full advantage of the cloud? If so, why? Join in the #CloudViews tweet chat hosted by @CloudCommons next week on Wednesday, 2/29 @ 3:00 PM ET where the question above, along with several others, will be part of our hour long discussion on the cloud's impact on IT organizations. To join in the conversation, enter #CloudViews in twitter's search field on Wednesday and be sure to include #CloudViews in all of your tweets. If you're interested in being a guest panelist, please contact Derek Stevens at Derek.Stevens@cloudcommons.com.
  • It's time for the government to start adopting cloud technology. In this Forbes blog, Tarkan Maner, CEO of Wyse Technology, describes a set of guidelines established by the TechAmerica Foundation to help state and local governments adopt and implement cloud computing.
  • Looking for a good summary of Cloud Connect? In episode 183 of the Cloud Computing podcast, David Linthicum and his guests, Chris and JP, discuss the topics that caught their attention at Cloud Connect including telcos' cloud aspirations, AWS backup and recovery, Cisco cloud security, Zynga's hybrid cloud, and Apache Deltacloud.
  • It's not often that you hear of a company switching from public cloud to a private cloud, but in this blog at Cloud Commons, George Hulme details Zynga's move from public to private cloud and the reason for the switch.

MSP Corner

  • Demand for cloud-based PSAs (professional services automation) and companies that specialize in project management continues to grow. This MSPmentor article, details the recent acquisition activity around PSAs which includes Silverback Enterprise Group's acquisition of PowerSteering Software for cloud-based project management and Tenrox for cloud-based PSA, and Quest Software's acquisition of BlueFolder, a cloud-based PSA.
  • Are cloud savings overhyped? In this Wired blog, Mike Barton quotes MSP Alliance's Charles Weaver on the current state of the cloud cost savings myth and how MSPs should reframe customers' view of cloud as a commodity.
  • With 60 percent of Global CIOs planning for cloud-adoption, according to IBM'S 2011 Annual CIO study, the cloud is moving out of the hype phase and gaining real traction and spending. But are solution providers ready for it? According to this ChannelPartners blog, a recent survey revealed that solution providers lack a sense of interest and urgency when it comes to building cloud practices in 2012.

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