Where is the line between virtualization and cloud?

If you had a virtualized environment with impressive P2V (physical-to-virtual) ratios on your servers, would you still consider moving to the cloud? In this 40 minute webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Research Inc. VP & Principal Analyst James Staten explains the difference between virtualization and cloud and where the line is between the two. Ryan Hughes, CEO of GIS marketplace provider Skygone Inc., joins James to discuss Skygone's...



This Week in Cloud - February 2, 2012

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Cloud News

  • BMC is acquiring Numara Software, a provider of integrated IT management solutions to midmarket companies. In this Computerworld UK blog, Forrester's Dave Johnson shares his analysis.
  • Salesforce.com has launched Desk.com, a cloud-based customer help-desk dashboard that integrates Facebook and Twitter feeds alongside more traditional corporate channels such as email. Subscriptions start at $49 per seat per month. Read this eWeek article for more.
  • Gartner issued a special report on the PaaS market, saying it is on the cusp of several years of strategic growth. Currently, the PaaS market is in its early stage and does not yet have well-established leaders. By 2013, Gartner expects all major vendors will have competitive production offerings in the PaaS market and by 2016, competition among PaaS vendors will produce new programming models, new standards and new software market leaders. Read the press release for more detail.
  • To better target enterprise business, Amazon Web Services introduced the AWS Storage Gateway, a beta virtual appliance to automate enterprise data backup to Amazon S3. Learn about the details of the service offering in this ZDNet article.
  • The London School of Economics issued a study showing that cloud computing is fueling global economic growth. Read more in this DataCentres.com article. The study selected two industries, aerospace and smartphone services, and examined the impact of cloud computing on these industries across the UK, USA, Germany and Italy between 2010 and 2014.

Feature article

Which is more complex: a jet airplane or a cloud data center?

By Marv Waschke, CA Technologies


I am in the midst of writing a book on Cloud Standards(expected to be available on or about June 20, 2012). There are only a handful of standards that apply directly to clouds, but the number of standards that cloud computing inherently relies upon is enormous. I have lots of leeway in writing about standards in the book, mainly because it is hard to think of a computing standard that does not apply to cloud in some way.

There is a reason for that: cloud is the culmination of almost everything in computing up to now. Of course, that means that there is very little in cloud that is new (yes, I did just suggest cloud is old, too). The components and technologies that make up a cloud implementation are the same technologies that have been used for decades. So, why all the talk about cloud today? What's new are the ways all the technology fits together, the scale of its application, and its wide variety of uses. Read the full article.

Cloud Views

  • With more than 2000 SaaS vendors in the market and estimates that 95% of companies want to maintain or increase their SaaS usage, this GigaOM blog asks: ‘Will the cloud hit the wall without good integration?'
  • This blog in the New York Times analyzes the recently published Forrester business and technology outlook for 2020 report. The blog summarizes the findings thus: "cloud computing will come on quicker than you think, it will be controlled by a very few companies that will fight for the right to own your data, and businesses need to think about what software they can write that will differentiate them from all the other customers of these giants." Read the article for thoughts on who the likely leaders will be, how they will differentiate themselves and more.
  • Quantum cloud? A team of scientists has demonstrated that perfectly secure cloud computing is possible by combining the power of quantum computing with the security of quantum cryptography. Read more in this Gizmag article.
  • This ZDNet blog shares 5 ways cloud supercharges enterprise initiatives, specifically: investing in shared services, consolidating global platforms, simplifying application portfolios, improving user experiences and onboarding shadow IT applications.

MSP Corner

  • MicroTech has been awarded the first cloud contract for the Army to maintain and support mobile data centers for the Army Private Cloud Mobile Program. Learn more in this CRN article.
  • MSP Novatrend is the latest hosting and managed service provider to choose the CA AppLogic cloud platform. Read more in this MSPmentor article.
  • NetIQ released Cloud Manager 2.0 aimed at helping MSPs manage IaaS more efficiently. Read more in this MSPmentor article.

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