Where is the line between virtualization and cloud?

If you had a virtualized environment with impressive P2V (physical-to-virtual) ratios on your servers, would you still consider moving to the cloud? In this 40 minute webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Research Inc. VP & Principal Analyst James Staten explains the difference between virtualization and cloud and where the line is between the two. Ryan Hughes, CEO of GIS marketplace provider Skygone Inc., joins James to discuss Skygone's...



This Week in Cloud - January 5, 2012

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Cloud News

  • IBM is purchasing Green Hat, which provides technology for testing applications without the need to use underlying hardware. Green Hat provides cloud-based tools for analyzing the performance of major vendors' software in a controlled environment so customers can test how it interacts with their existing stack, according to this ZDNet UK article.
  • Private cloud provider Nimbula launched a migration service to help customers move from public clouds to Nimbula-powered private clouds. Nimbula claims that companies can run certain workloads more efficiently and cost-effectively in a private cloud environment. Read more in this Information Week article.
  • In a light news week due to the holidays, several industry pundits took time to reflect on 2011. Michael Miller in PC Mag writes that 2011 was the year of tablets and cloud computing. ReadWriteWeb identified their top ten list of enterprise cloud apps and services in 2011.
  • Derrick Harris with GigaOm called out 10 cloud startups to watch in 2012. On his list: AppFog, Bromium, Cloudability, CloudSigma, Kaggle, Nebula, Parse, ScaleXtreme, SolidFire and Zillabyte.
  • InformationWeek shared the results of a survey identifying 10 in progress IT shifts. Findings suggest that not all IT budget news is bleak, that cloud progress will slow down a bit in 2012, that it's been a banner year for data analytics and that cloud services are increasingly being used for disaster recovery. To read the full list of predictions and review the survey, read this article.

Feature Article

Pragmatic Cloud: A look at yesterday paints a picture of tomorrow

by George Watt, CA Technologies


Having completed my last road trip of the year, I dusted off the notes I took during a series of Cloud Exchange roundtables (and a few other cloud conferences) I attended to see what I might learn from them. (The first thing I learned was that I take a lot of notes.) I thought I would share what I discovered, which I will do in a 2-part series.

The following five topics were top of mind for Cloud Exchange roundtable participants: security, resilience/business continuity, data, finance, and the user experience. Read part 1 for summary notes and comments on security, resilience and data. Read part 2 for thoughts on finance and user experience.

Cloud Views

  • This Network World article titled ‘What's next with hypervisors?' discusses why companies would leverage an open source vs. a proprietary hypervisor approach, the battle brewing between Xen and KVM, whether the hypervisor market will commoditize and more.
  • This article on Cloud Commons titled ‘A handful of 2012 cloud resolutions' includes useful guidance on how to avoid common cloud gotchas.
  • This Forbes article discusses how cloud computing is changing many job descriptions. The changes reflect the more strategic role IT plays in the direction of businesses as cloud computing is enabling more reliable and predictable supporting technology. There is also a growing demand for professions and managers more focused on business development than application development. The article also includes an analysis of recent job openings and their descriptions.
  • Cloud computing buyers are adopting more sophisticated cloud services, according to research published by InformationWeek Reports. The research identified that there will be fewer new adopters of IaaS. New users of PaaS, SaaS and cloud services provided by virtualization vendors will continue to grow at a rapid clip. Read more in this InformationWeek article.

MSP Corner

  • In this MSP News article, Laura Stotler identifies Eight Considerations for MSPs in 2012. For example, while 2011 saw service providers focused on building cloud platforms that mimic major cloud vendors in terms of infrastructure, pricing and self-service, the focus in 2012 will shift to providing customers with smart data, transparency and visibility using updated monitoring and management tools.
  • Cisco has launched a cloud-based managed services program, OnPlus, for channel partners seeking to offer remote network management and assessment services to SMBs. Read more in this SearchNetworkingChannel article.

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