Introducing the Service Measurement Index


Hailed as an industry first, the Service Measurement Index (SMI) is a set of business-relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that provide a standardized method for measuring and comparing a business service regardless of whether that service is internally provided or sourced from an outside company. Designed to become a standard method to help organizations measure business services based on their specific business and technology requirements, the SMI enables individual preferences to be the basis for what defines a good service. The Service Measurement Index is currently being developed by the Cloud Service Measurement Initiative Consortium.




Measuring Service Quality in the Cloud

Quantifying business service performance can represent a bit of a challenge for IT organizations supporting sophisticated environments and relying on external service providers in part to deliver...

Updated Version of SMI Overview Available

CSMIC (the Cloud Services Measurement Initiative Consortium) announces the public availability of a new version of the SMI (Service Measurement Index) Overview. This version incorporates the public...

The Details Behind the Service Measurement Index

What IT managers need is a standards-based approach to guide their decision-making process, a mechanism to measure the relative goodness of a services offering—a mechanism akin to the Consumer...

Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Researchers Collaborate With Industry

Carnegie Mellon researchers have launched an initiative which seeks to understand the need for enterprise-wide standards for calculating risk versus reward of Cloud computing services.

Cloud Services Measurement Consortium Gains Critical Membership

Outstanding Research, Academic, Government, and Industry Leadership Support Efforts to Develop Standardized Cloud Services Metrics

The Cloud Service Measurement Initiative Consortium (CSMIC)

Carnegie Mellon, Silicon Valley has launched an initiative to address the need for industry-wide, globally accepted measures for calculating the benefits and risks of cloud computing services. The Cloud Service Measurement Initiative Consortium, known as CSMIC, is being formed with thought-leaders who are experts in measuring and managing IT-enabled services. This initiative will develop a dynamic Service Measurement Index (SMI) that is a set of business-centric performance indicators that will provide IT professionals with a standardized method for measuring and comparing internal and external cloud services.


The Cloud Service Measurement Initiative Group